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  • A) The benefits of on-board WIFI; Remote Learning, Data Downloads, Event Notices…
  • B) Stop Arm License Plate Capture Cameras and programs…
  • C) COVID Student Safety Measures…
  • D) Wide Angle and 360º In-Bus and Out-Bus Cameras…
Also; the increased amount of additional funding, grants and government support in most States compared to Canadian Provinces. This means we have to do more with less here in Canada. Fortunately, “More HD Video Technologies on More School Buses for Less Budget” is what CMVTC MJG Technologies is all about!
The following table is a good list of School Bus Video, Access and Student Safety Technologies, and our opinion on where we stand on our deliverability of these technologies. Our customer relationships are based on efficiency, value and transparency. This information has been confidentially prepared for you.


 Hot Point
 CMVTC Expertise & Deliverability
 High Speed, Wide Range On-Bus WIFI.
 Our first On-Vehicle WIFI: 2008. Deliverability is Excellent and Cost Effective. 10 of 10
 Remote Learning
 Provides WIFI Internet to Students on the bus for structured Remote Learning.
 Our 4G/LTE Router/WAP provides a variety of onboard WIFI Functions and Features for under $400.00cdn.  10 of 10
 WIFI Download
 Automatically Download all or event  data from bus DVR to central Transportation Bus Data server.
 Since 2008 we have been supplying this convenient and cost effective data storage solution. We can download 3500 hours of video from 700 cameras per day. No More Pulling SD Cards or SSDs/HDDs.Easily 10 of 10
 Event Notifications
 Automatically Download all events and associated data from bus DVR to central Transportation Bus Data server and forward event notifications to Administration.
 Stop Arm Video & Notice Technologies
 License Plate and Out-Bus Environment video capture technologies for illegal Drive-Bys, and Proactive Audible warnings
 Stop Arm Video
 Stop Arm Cameras to capture high definition video and still images of Drive-Bys vehicle License Plates regardless of speed or lighting (dawn & dusk).
 Violations Management Programs
 Managing Violations: Who does it, how are they reported and what is the awareness component? 
 Audible Warning System
An Out-Bus and/or In-Bus audible and/or visual warning is activated when a Vehicle is not slowing down and is expected to pass the School Bus Illegally. 
 While we developed this technology in 2009, Canadian School Bus Transportation Departments showed little interest.Currently we would place ourselves at 7 of 10, however we could be ramped up to 10 of 10 in about 4 months if demand dictated.
 COVID Student Safety
 Keep Students COVID safe on school buses during transport
 Distancing & Monitoring
 How to best manage social distancing and protection of each student with partitions, visual counts and seat spacing of the students using a variety of solution.
Temperature Checks
On-Bus Body Temperature Technologies  
 While we have access to these technologies, we have decided to focus on other methods of Student COVID protection. 2 of 10
Seat Partitions
 COVID Protective Curtains meeting or exceeding USA School Bus Safety Requirements. 
 Bus Driver Safety
 COVID Protective Curtains meeting or exceeding USA School Bus Safety Requirements to protect your valuable Bus Drivers. 
 Wide Angle and 360º Cameras
 Extending the field of vision inside and outside the bus
 Out-Bus 360º view Cameras  Out-Bus 360º view around the outside of the bus in real time with Drive by Monitor. CMVTC provides HD 360º Out-Bus camera warrantied for 5 years with Quad Image 10″ monitor for easy viewing. However, our experience has shown that Drive by Monitor is not a safe bus driving technique. Technology 9 of 10, Implementation 6 of 10.
 Aerial View Out-Bus 
 A digitally compiled overhead view of the bus and the area around the bus. 
  This is a costly and interesting independent technology.  Again with Drive by Monitor, we decided not to pursue this technology at this time based on feedback from many Canadian School Bus Transportations Department. 2 of 10.
  In-Bus Wide Angle Cameras
 Wide angle In-Bus cameras provide superior “between seats” and wider viewing area. A new standard for 2021.
Fleet WideTechnology Platform Cost Effective Fleet Wide Standardized Technologies.  On Stop Shop. Combine with our AI Driver Assist, Court Evidence Ready Cameras and the many other Student School Bus Safety solutions from CMVTC MJG Technologies for a complete School Bus Fleet Technology Platform. 11 0f 10



Contact us for more information. Dare to compare with thorough due diligence and Maximize your Mobile School Bus Technologies investment with CMVTC MJG Technologies. 


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