The CrossSafe 360 School Bus Panoramic system utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide school bus drivers with a complete 360-degree view around the bus exterior. Achieved through the integration of four wide-angle cameras positioned on each side of the bus – front, right, left, and rear. This system offers bus drivers a high-definition, comprehensive AI managed panoramic view of the surroundings, with Blind Spot Monitoring and Audible Alarm system. CrossSafe 360 facilitates enhanced situational awareness with real-time video footage, automatically switching views when signals are activated or when the reverse gear is engaged. Additionally, the system allows for individual camera views by selecting or zooming into specific scenarios. This solution is designed to help reduce accidents by addressing blind spots, activating alarm system when motion is detected in the direction of travel, aiding in maneuvering tight spaces, parking, and enhancing safety during school bus loading and unloading.