School Bus Pupil Transportation, Programs and Student Safety Initiatives

Inside the Bus

Our Inside Bus cameras and DVRs use the same evidence quality technology as our CrossSafe License Plate capture systems. Specially designed for School Buses with metal camera enclosures, full bus night vision, floating studio microphones, aviation cabling systems, locked DVRs and a variety of sensor inputs, alarms, events and accessories.

Outside the Bus – CrossSafe

Our CrossSafe Stopped School Bus provides Evidence quality license plate and data on illegal and dangerous drive-bys of a stop school bus with the stop sign extended. Court ready programs and integration with law enforcement/justice. With a 96% plate capture rate, ours is the right choice!

What is… CrossSafe Violations Management Service

School Bus Proactive Safety Devices
When Stop Means Stop, our Exclusive Extended Stop Arm adds 2 meters to your existing Stop Sign. Extend your students’ Safe Zone and put the Stop Sign where it counts… in the drivers line of sight. Custom designed school bus model dependant for easy installation and low maintenance. Immediate and Proactive solution to stopping illegal drive-bys.

WIFI AutoDownload

Stop collecting SD cards or SSDs (Solid State Drive). Automatically and securely Download your Buses data to your own WIFI Server! When the bus is within range or the WAP (Wireless Access Point), the server pulls the data from the bus, never miss another event, issue or data. Record your entire fleets’ video, audio, data, events, alarms & logs for the entire year. Access them all with a mouse click.

4G/LTE Live Remote

View, listen, communicate, track and monitor your buses in Real Time. Our new 4G Router provides instant access to all your buses video technologies, VOIP communications AND provides your students with on-board WIFI Internet. We also assist in configuring your M2M Jasper wireless accounts with your local Wireless provider for the best rates.

Awareness Through Enforcement and Bully Prevention Program (BPP)

Awareness Through Enforcement is simply a program that is designed to train drivers to respect the Stopped School Buses extended Stop Sign by using a portion of the violation income for marketing awareness. This is a comprehensive and scalable program that requires little maintenance or administration. The more violations, the stronger the message.

Our BPP is a program designed to reduce on-bus bullying. Simply put, the program allows for remote administration of bully management and allows the bus driver to drive the bus instead of acting as referee, babysitter or warden. Bullying is a real problem and quick action is key to reducing and preventing repeat offences.

We have been Designing, Developing and Producing School Bus Mobile and Stationary Video, Audio, Data Technologies for over 16 years.

We invented and Patented the First School Bus License Plate Camera in the World! We designed our technologies for use in Canada.
…and We Know Canada!

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