CMVTC Blog, Notes and P.O.I.

December 2021


This one will be a doozy too!

November 2021

Press Release on Canadian Students’ Bus Safety VS Profits; CMVTC

Major Canadian campaign to bring National Awareness to the REAL dangers of illegally passing a Stopped School Bus.

September 2021

Protect, Hire and Keep Good Bus Drivers

Encourage Better Rider Behavior

October 2021

Start off your school year right and get to know CMVTC, Canada’s Education Valued School Bus HD Video Technologies & Programs, and ESA (Extended Stop Arm) supplier. 

August 2021

We are excited to reintroduce Andres Galarza to our team as National Sales Representative.

CARSP (Canadian Association or Road Safety Professionals)

July 2021

CrossSafe Violation Management Program for Canada (Full Report on Request)

☼ School Bus Technology Summer Inspections & Maintenance

June 2021

Prepare for the 2021/2022 School Bus Year with New Technologies and Programs from CMVTC. Maximize your investment in your School Bus technologies.