CrossSafe Stopped Bus Violations Capture & Processing Program

Awareness Through Enforcement at Net Zero Cost

Nov 2021 Press Release  |  July 2023 Press Release

2015 Awareness Through Enforcement Pilot Report

CMVTC is a Canadian company that creates innovative Canadian solutions to increase Students’ Safety on School Buses.

CrossSafe Awareness Through Enforcement is a program designed in 2009 to reduce Drive-By violations to Near Zero with Public Awareness, Student Education, and Driver Training… funded by Violators

Review our 2009 CrossSafe Pilot in Toronto, Dartmouth & Halifax | 2015 CrossSafe Awareness Through Enforcement Pilot in MB, SK & AB | 2021 CrossSafe Secure License Plate Capture, Transmission and Violation Processing Technologies | 2021 CrossSafe “Canadian Made Violator Funded Awareness Through Enforcement School Bus Safety Program Vrs For Profit Violations Enforcement” Press Release.
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CMVTC will Manage ALL your Stopped Bus Drive-By Violations   …AND Manage Media to Achieve Near Zero Violations with CrossSafe  Awareness Through Enforcement.

This is a Zero Net cost scalable progam funded by Violators… 

Why are we offering this enhanced service?  With shrinking school bus transportations budgets, difficulty with staffing, decreasing driver skills, and near zero public awareness, this is a cost effective method to manage all your violations and create Awareness Through Enforcement (©2009 MJG Technologies).

With over 17 years designing, manufacturing and providing school bus video technologies, our objective has always been to reduce the number of dangerous and illegal drive-bys of your stopped school buses.

We have developed and perfected the violation capture technologies, secured data transmission, data storage and seamless back end violation processing… All In Canada by a Canadian Company.

    CrossSafe Stop Arm Video Technologies and Awareness Through Enforcement Program was developed in 2009 by Maurice J Gregoire of MJG Technologies (Teknisult) to increase Student School Bus Safety across Canada.

    Violators Will Be Held Accountable… and pay for the program.