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Colour Matched In-Bus Cameras and our new Studio Quality Floating Microphone only enhance our HD 960P High Speed Video Boards with HD 2.8MM Lens and High Intensity Infrared Night Vision. The perfect Camera kit for any School Bus!

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Professional Fully Certified Installations, Professional Installation Training & Documentation. From Full Installs to Qualified Self Installs, we ensure a Quality Installation every time. Here Darryl and Van are putting the final touches on our Court Ready Evidence Quality

CrossSafe HD License Plate School Bus Cameras Ready to mount. Awareness Through Enforcement is the key to Safer Students on School Buses. Order yours today and together we can Stop Illegal and Dangerous Drive-bys.
Have a good weekend everyone.
#esa #cmvtc #crosssafe #crosssafely

Canada’s Exclusive ESA Distributor and Supplier. Stop 95% of your Illegal and Dangerous Drive-Bys! Our ESA is Canadian Standard CMVSS 131 School Bus Safety Devices Compliant. Seriously… Contact us Today.

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Maria, our Operations Manager often spends time On-Site to make sure our FST’s have everything they need to work smooth and professional. Armed with a Business Administration and now an International Business Degree, Maria is a force to be reckoned with.

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