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#TBT Circa 1993: The Mayor cutting the ribbon, City Engineer, Kelly the Operations Manager, and myself at the Grand Opening of our new MicroAge computer shop
Running #1 in Northern Manitoba and Ontario by a huge margin. Go Pro or Go Home
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Back to School, remember to not pass School Buses while they have flashing lights and Stop Sign Out. Not waiting for five seconds could end a student’s life.

Tell us do you wait for the bus?

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How could this happened? What's your thoughts? Comment Below;

'You could have killed my kid,' father says after child allegedly left on Toronto school bus for over an hour https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/you-could-have-killed-my-kid-father-says-after-child-allegedly-left-on-toronto-school-bus-for-over-an-hour-1.5579899 via @CTVToronto

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As strong vocal advocates for Student School Bus Safety across Canada, we must maintain a voice in the legislation and implementation of Student Safety protocols. Sometime this means asking “whose kid are you going to sacrifice in order to make these changes.”    We have learned that politicians and law makers do not like these truths.


As Transportation Managers, Bus Drivers, Parents and the general public… you must also stay vigilant. Dangerous drivers passing a stop school bus with Stop Sign extended MUST be taken to task! This means we all must do our part to identify and hold these drivers accountable.

A collision between and a vehicle and a child is no contest.


Are you doing your part?

Add your Voice and Advocate for Student Safety in Canada

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