What are the Real Costs of Wireless Intelligent Vehicle Management System for School Buses?

Watch your School Bus Cameras, Listen to your School Bus Microphones and GPS Track your School Buses,

All in Real Time (LIVE)!

What to expect from Your Canadian IVMS School Bus Video Technologies Remote Management System:

Real Time View Dual Stream Video from all Cameras on All 4G buses… At the Same Time.

Real Time Audio from All Microphones on All 4G buses… At the Same Time.

Real Time Military Grade GPS Vehicle Tracking Accurate to 1 Meter… Simultaneously On All 4G Buses. We Provide the Active Google Maps API Key at No Charge.

Program your Own Geo Fence with Alarms or Events for Each Bus.

Set up to 8 Sensors for Alarm or Event Action.

Add up to 256 Users under your Account for Special Access.

Provide Your Parents with Real Time GPS Tracking of their Child(s) School Bus. Web Based Platform, IOS App and Android App at No Charge.

Set Speed, G-Force Impact/Acceleration/Deceleration, Event Buttons (Emergency) Alarms for Remote Action.

Set Alarms to send email and/or SMS to Administration. E.G. Bus Driver presses Event Button and Administration is Immediately Notified and can take Action.

Easily Find Video on Alarm or Event.

Administrator can Speak to the entire Bus over the Buses Speakers… In Real Time while Viewing the Video and Listening to the Microphones. Basically have a 2-way conversation with the entire bus.

Automatically Transmit Video, Audio GPS and Telemetry on Alarm or Event.

Yes, this can be used for CrossSafe Stop Arm Camera Automatic Fly-Bus Violation License Plate Capture, Secured Data Transmission and Processing Program.

Engage 256 bit AES Military Grade Encryption on Both Recorded and Transmitted Video and Data.

View Previous Bus Tracking with Stop, Idle, Parked, Speed, and many other Driving Events.

Download Previously Recorded Data on Demand Directly from the Bus to you Computer.

Download all System and Event Logs.

Program your DVRs and Perform Firmware Upgrades Remotely in Real Time as a Single Bus or in Bulk (all or selected buses automatically).

Perform full remote inspections and maintenance scheduling.

Complete ADAS & DSM AI Driver Assistance Programming with full reporting and Alarms/Event on AI enabled DVRs.

Use a 2K Wide Screen Monitor for a Superior Viewing Experience.

Span across Multiple Monitors.

Web Based Interface Provides Combability with all OS Platforms.

4G/LTE Booster Antenna option for 25%-45% More Wireless Signal Power.

Combine with our CrossSafe License Plate Capture Technologies and Program for Fluid Process to Manage your Fly-By Violations. Automatically Capture Plate Information and Securely Transmit all Violation Data to Your Own Server(or we can process your violations), with a 95% Automatic Capture Rate.

Provide Wireless WIFI Internet to your Students On-Board the School Bus.

The Real Costs:

► 4G/LTE Real Time Secured and Programmable Modem/WIFI Router; $425.00.

► Wireless IOT or NM1 SIM with 5GB per month Data Account from Bell or Rogers; SIM $35 (or free), Data Account $28-$35 per Month.

► IVMS Annual Subscription, Complete Secure Account Setup and Device Connectivity Monitoring; $175.00 per year.

► IVMS Client Software, IOS & Android Apps, Training, Product Orientation, Google Map API Key, and Upgrades; No Charge.


If you do not have access to these 4G Wireless features or you are paying more… you are not using CMVTC Equipment or Programs.  

Do your Home Work and take advantage of over 18 years of live Canadian experience providing Canadian School Buses with proven video and communications technologies.

CMVTC MJG Technologies is a 100% Canadian Company with over 18 Years Experience in Developing and Perfecting School Bus Video and Communications Technologies. …and ALL Data Stays on Secured Canadian Servers!

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