When Stop Means Stop, Add up to 2 metres (6.5′) to your School Buses Stop Arm! 

An immediate and proactive solution to stopping Illegal and Dangerous Drive-Bys of a Stopped School Bus Loading or Unloading students.

Combine with our CrossSafe Camera(s) for a Complete School Bus Student Safety Program.

Stop 95% of Drive-Bys Now!

Download the Specifications, FAQ & “Everything you want to know” about the ESA HERE

CMVTC ESA Lab Test Report EN FR – Transport Canada – Jan 26 2021B

Install Documents below

Receive your NEW buses from the USA fully ESA Equipped! Ask us today!

“Illegal drive-bys of a stopped school bus are a major problem here in BC. The Extended Stop Arm we’ve installed is already going a long way in stopping violations before they happen, and it’s keeping the kids getting on or off the bus safe from passing motorists.”


Randy Gould, ThirdWave Bus Services, 

Richmond, BC

Our Exclusive to Canada ESA (Extended Stop Arm) is a

Proactive Stop Means Stop Student Safety device.

Patented and made in USA, this robust metal extended stop arm is designed for use on Canadian School Buses, in all Canadian School Bus working environments.

Equipped with Teflon Safety bolts, Single Event Arm Pause Technologies and Extending from 1.3m (4′) to 2m (6.5′), we put the Stop Sign Directly in the Line of Sight of Illegal Drive-By Traffic.


Available with Canadian Winter Ready Pneumatic Actuators and Built Specifically for your School Bus Make/Model.

This Stops Traffic! Period.

Combine with our CrossSafe Program for a Solid Media Awareness Campaign and Educate Drivers that Stop Means Stop!