CMVTC Requires a Service Writer AND Service Manager FST (Field Service Technician)

(Multiple CMVTC Positions)

$1000 signing bonus payable after 6 months. Do you have what it takes to Join the Team?

These are not Typical Service Department Management… or Entry Level FST/Installer Jobs…

They are Both, and a Career… Read On…



What we need from these positions… as you become more experienced, you will grow the department, and the company.

…and we will train you to reach all these goals.

Position expectations:

(note; most company information, technologies, and services can be found on our website and social networks, do your research before applying) www.cmvtc.ca

  • Learn our operating technologies; Gmail, Calendar, Keep, Case Management, Messenger, Social Networks, Windows 10, Password Protection System, Remote Desktop, Shipping, etc.
  • Learn our operating processes (flowcharts and step by step)
  • Learn our hardware technologies; mobile video, camera, cabling systems, connection methods, etc.
  • Learn our software technologies; video management, IVMS management, remote systems, etc.
  • Prep, Certify and Ship our systems to customers using our proven packaging and shipping methods.
  • Learn and become a certified CMVTC FST Installer. Perform full on-vehicle (school bus) installations on customer sites following detailed Case and processes. All Season outdoor installations with some cold weather restrictions. This is FST work.
  • Perform on-site service, maintenance, and inspections when required. This is FST work.
  • Schedule service/installation work, troubleshoot and professionally coordinate solutions and appointments with customers.
  • Accurately Count and manage inventory.
  • Lift and carry 15Kgs (~30lbs) up/down stairs.
  • Manage Service Department and FSTs (Field Service Technicians).
Timeline: Start as an industry rookie and become full Service Department Manager / FST Installer within 12 months. Pay increases will be reflected in your progress.
This will become 2 or more separate jobs for 2 or more separate people. We are assembling a Professional and Qualified Technical Team.

The kind of person we require…

… don’t forget, we can train you on the technology and processes.


  • Be prepared to learn new tasks, and repeat them correctly.

  • Follow processes and flowcharts, and make suggestions to improve these processes.

  • High attention to detail, correct part numbers, fully documented actions, follow process.

  • High ability to work independently without supervision.

  • Ability to work safely and within the guidelines of our Health and Safety requirements.

  • Ability to understand, speak read, and write business English with correct spelling and grammar.

  • Understand and learn proper use of hand tool such as heat shrink, crimp, cordless drill, etc.

  • Be on time, and document accurately for on and off site times for you and the FSTs

  • We have zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use during work hours and no tolerance for theft, cheating or untruths.

  • Have your own vehicle (we pay for mileage, etc)

  • Summer is our busiest time; prepare to work extra hours during summer and no holidays over summer.

  • Ability to react to situations in the best interest of the customer and the company.

  • Progressive and ability to grow with the company.


  • Minimum Starting Salary range (based on 2040 hrs/yr); $29,500, may be more depending on current skills

  • Expected Salary after 12 month (based on 6 month performance reviews and attained/retained skills); $42,500

  • Health insurance benefits (dental, life, health); paid by CMVTC.

  • Annual profit sharing; based on individual and department performance.

  • Relaxed time off over winter to make up for extra time required over summer.

  • Monthly lunch staff meetings.

  • Perks such as tablets, sound bars, RC Boats, Drones and whatever we order for our Tradeshows.

  • All the technology, tools and training you need to do your job properly and efficiently.

  • Work with skilled team of professionals in a dynamic and specialized industry. 

How to apply and what to expect;

First; do your due diligence and research our company, what we do, and decide if you want to be part of this dynamic team and exciting industry.

☼  Submit your Resume in PDF format below:


  • Complete this Self Evaluation form and submit… https://mjgtechnologies.com/cmvtc-service-fst-round-1/

  • We will reply to candidates that qualify this round (Round 1).

  • A request to complete the Skills and Personality Evaluation form will be forwarded to Round 1 candidates.

  • We will then reply by to candidates that qualify this round (Round 2).

  • We will offer a Webinar Interview to the Rounds 2 candidates.

  • From these Webinar Interviews, we will perform live interviews to the top 3 candidates.

  • We will notify the unsuccessful candidates and retain information for future positions coming soon.

  • From these, we will prepare and offer for employment to the top candidate(s).

  • This may look like a lot of steps, however we have strong team and must ensure the final candidate can add value and complement our team.

  • This is a long term, full time position with major growth opportunities.

Research, Apply and Good Luck.