CMVTC Requires a Bilingual Bus Video and Communication Technologies Salesperson for Canada

$1000 signing bonus payable after 6 months. Do you have what it takes to Join the Team?

We are a unique and specialized provider of Made for Canada Mobile Video and Communication Technologies, and this is not a typical sales position.

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What we need from this position…

As you become more experienced, you will grow the department, and the company.


Position expectations:

(note; most company information, technologies, and services can be found on our website and social networks, do your research before applying) www.cmvtc.ca

  • Learn our operating technologies; ZOHO CRM, Gmail, Calendar, Keep, Case Management, Messenger, Social Networks, Windows 10, Password Protection System, Remote Desktop, etc.
  • Learn our “living” operating processes (flowcharts and step by step)
  • Actively qualify and create new accounts and contacts.
  • Understand our software technologies; video management, IVMS management, remote systems, etc.
  • Convert Leads and qualify/close active sales.
  • Perform proven follow-up techniques to build long term relationships.
  • Professionally complete and submit RFP, RFQ and RFI large volume tenders. We will provide valuable assistance.
  • Work both independently and with the team to close sales.
  • Provide thorough and professional correspondence, always.
  • Provide fluent French and English correspondence and verbal presentation (in person and webinars).
  • Attend Tradeshows across Canada when required.
Timeline: Start as an industry rookie and become full professional Salesperson within 12 months. Commission and Bonus increases will be reflected in your progress.
We are assembling a Professional and Qualified Technical Team.

The kind of person we require…

… don’t forget, we can train you on the technology and processes.


  • Be prepared to learn new tasks, and repeat them correctly.

  • Follow processes and flowcharts, and make suggestions to improve these processes.

  • High attention to detail, correct product quotes, fully documented actions, follow process.

  • High ability to work independently without supervision.

  • Ability to work safely and within the guidelines of our Health and Safety requirements.

  • Ability to understand, speak read, and write business French & English with correct spelling and grammar.

  • Understand and learn proper use of our sales technologies and tools.

  • Be on time for appointments, and document accurately all interactions in our CRM.

  • We have zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use during work hours and no tolerance for theft, cheating or untruths.

  • Ability to react to situations in the best interest of the customer and the company.

  • Progressive and ability to grow with the company.

  • Work out of your own office, anywhere in Canada.

  • Effectively communicate with News Media outlets; Live TV, Interviews, Radio, Press Releases, and News articles.

  • Flexible Schedule

Join the Team


  • Salary Based Commission based on your experience and expertice.

  • Aggressive task oriented commisssion structure.

  • Health insurance benefits (dental, life, health); paid by CMVTC.

  • Annual profit sharing; based on individual and department performance.

  • Monthly lunch staff meetings.

  • Perks such as tablets, sound bars, RC Boats, Drones and whatever we order for our Tradeshows.

  • All the technology, tools and training you need to do your job properly and efficiently.

  • Work with skilled team of professionals in a dynamic and specialized industry. 

How to apply and what to expect;

First; do your due diligence and research our company, what we do, and decide if you want to be part of this dynamic team and exciting industry.

☼  Submit your Resume in PDF format below:


  • We will review and reply with a Self Evaluation.

  • We interview via Webinar with qualified candidates.

Research, Apply and Good Luck.