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Commercial Mobile Video Technologies of Canada      …a divison of MJG Technologies Ltd

Commercial Mobile Video and Student Safety Technologies

More Mobile Video and Student Safety Technologies on More Vehicles for Less Budget.

Maximize Your Mobile Video and Safety Technologies Investment with CMVTC Products, Services and Programs.

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16 Years in the Making….

MJG Technologies Ltd has spent over 16 years developing, prototyping, testing and manufacturing mobile video products and services for school buses and commercial vehicles. We supply customers and distributors across Canada and Mexico with our specialty mobile video technologies and programs. Our main focus has always been to design and develop specialty industrial quality mobile video systems for commercial installations, with full support, including our IVMS Secure Remote Access.

CMVTC (Commercial Mobile Video Technologies of Canada) is our homebase and our primary focus. As a division of MJG Technologies, CMVTC provides our specialty products and services designed in Canada for Canada to our Canadian clients. Our professional approach to maximizing your mobile video technologies investment has proven valuable and successful.

We feature Patents, Industrial Protections, Copyrights, Trademarks & Publications in the field of technology development, production and testing.

We are passionate about our technologies and about running an ethical business. Our Certified Installations are available from Certified CMVTC FST Installers and from Local Outsourced Certified MJG Technologies Mobile Video Systems Installers. Our DIY Install Kits include the Installation Cheat Sheet and we offer Crimp or Solder/Seal installation kits.

Our Mission: To Supply Premium Mobile Video Technologies, Services and Solutions in an Ethical, Productive and Cost Effective Manner. To Ensure our Clients Receive Maximum Value from our Company.

Our Vision: To Lead in the Production and Supply of Quality HD Mobile Video Technologies and Services Across Canada.

Our Values: To Remain Ethical, Professional and Efficient.



We follow a simple Customer Respect and Value Pricing business model…  seems to be working well.

Some of Our Valued Clients

“Thank you so much to both. It was great to meet Maria in person and Maurice in our training video call. We really appreciate all your help getting used to the new software and equipment and appreciate enormously the cables provided”…    K. Vera  ☼ VEMA

Awesome and affordable mobile video solutions. Great service and great staff also.  C Woodcock  ☼  RRSD

“They definitely stand out from competitors in this space” “MJG is a great company that offers a great product and a fantastic customer experience. A big shout out to Darryl, it’s always a pleasure to have him on site doing the installs for us, thanks Darryl!!“…  L. Schmidt  ☼ Fairway

“We are noticing great improvements to safety and vehicles are now stopping well back from our busses without the bus driver having to try and get the motorists attention as we have to do without the ESA. Thank you for your companies innovation and interest in improving safety for our passengers”… D. Prevost