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True Short Stories

The Rear Ender: I was driving my new Blazer out of the parking lot on a cold winter Friday when the truck in front of me decided to back up because he is partway in the lane and there was oncoming traffic. The driver backs into me. We get out and he immediately blames me for running into him. I told him that he backed up into me, but he insisted that I ran into him, and his passenger agreed. I tell him, “Let’s look at the video” and even before I could start the playback, they were both apologizing and admit they were at fault. I spoke to the insurance company and sent them the video. Afterwards I saw that there was a lady pushing a full shopping cart right behind me so if I had backed up to avoid the collision, I would have hit this lady. The insurance company said that without the video, I would have been found at fault as the other driver had a passenger and I was alone, 2 against 1. Video Wins. Over $6,500 damage to my vehicle.

Another Rear Ender: I am stopped at a pedestrian Crosswalk with people crossing right in front of me. A young lady smashes into the back of my Blazer. She gets out and starts blaming me for stopping too fast, even though I had already been fully stopped for over 15 seconds. I sent the video to the insurance company and they saw she was texting and not only found her at fault of the collision, but also fined her for distracted driving. $8,500 damage to her van and $500 damage to my Blazer. Video Wins.

Door Ding: I came out from shopping and found a ding in my Tahoe. I checked the video and I saw that a red car had hit it hard enough to jiggle the video (technical term). I got the license plate and the insurance company charged the driver for the repairs.

Where is my Tahoe going? I was in Merida Mexico with a consultant and I left my Tahoe to get washed. My phone buzzed that my Tahoe was moving and I rushed back to the wash shop. They had moved it across the street and parked it. They were all very surprised that I was notified that my vehicle was on the move and I was able to track it in real time, anytime. Scored major points with the consultant and fielded hundreds of emails and phone calls from people wanting the same for their vehicles.

We have hundreds of “Saved by Mobile Video & GPS Tracking” Stories.

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