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2021 Mandate; More Mobile Video and Student Safety Technologies on More Vehicles for Less Budget.

Canadas Choice for HD Mobile Video and School Bus Safety Technologies.

Maximize your Investment with CMVTC

MJG Technologies is the inventor and multiple patent holder of the world’s first School Bus License Plate Video Capture Technology, School Bus Camera Enclosures and School Bus Camera Wiring Systems.

We have developed Double Plated SD cards, Silicone Lens AntiVibration System, Moisture Management Technologies and other Industry Specific Enhancements.

We develop, manufacture and supply commercial industry DVRs, mobile video operating systems, firmware, video camera technologies, enclosures and mobile video/audio IT data transfer systems.

What is CrossSafe Violations Management Service?

Live GPS Tracking

Track and isolate vehicles within your fleet
in real-time.

Custom Flowchart Processes

Chain of Evidence processes to integrate with your law enforcement and provincial justice.

Live View with Audio

Watch your cameras and listen
in real-time via 4G/LTE/Satellite wireless.

Extended Stop Arm (ESA)

Proactive 6.5′ (2 metre) enhanced
intelligent Extended Stop Arm.

WIFI AutoDownload

High Speed autodownload your video, audio,
telemetry and alarm logs for armchair access.

Firstly… if you are here, you likely already know the vast benefits of mobile video, audio, GPS, G-Force and mobile data technologies… and what a 6ft School Bus Stop Arm can do. We can certainly further enlighten you on the core and value added benefits of our technologies… just send us a note.

Over 16 years of Mobile Video Technologies product design, development, manufacture and supply for Canadian industries.

Canada wide product and program pilot programs.

5 year no-quibble product warranty on inside technologies and 2 year no-quibble outside product warranty.

Pricing designed to maximize your mobile video technologies investments.

Government, law enforcement and provincial justice lobby and integration programs.

Safe-Tender for quality tender assurance and certified product/program delivery.

24 hour product delivery and service priority shipping.

No cost webinars for training, support and services.

Customizable firmware, software, process flows, and documentation. OEM available.

Exclusive Canadian supplier of the School Bus Extended Stop Arm.

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