We have had many people apply for these positions of CMVTC Service Writer and Service Manager FST/Installer.

We have selected you to proceed to Phase 2; Position Self Evaluation.

Please make sure you have read and understand the job requirements, benefits and special nature of this position.

Remember, we will teach you the technical skills. This is a position self evaluation tool we use for the interviews.

This process is to fill 2 separate positions, so do not worry if you cannot top rate each question.

Complete all Fields and Submit. Thank You.


Which position do you think you can fill?

Rate your ability to work unsupervised and independently and on a team (after being fully trained)

You will be contacted on or before Wednesday Oct 13th. Some of you will be invited for a Webinar interview.

We expect to fill this position on or before Oct 30 2021. Good Luck.