2020 Finds Us Looking Ahead with a Clear 2020 Vision.

We have several projects in development and new announcements coming soon…

more to come

Based on our RevC CrossSafe License Plate Dual Camera shown above, we continue to develop our newest School Bus License Plate capture, Identification and OCR camera program. But Shhh, this new camera is a tightly guarded secret; and our best LP creation yet. ETA Late 2020.

We start with the basics, from napkin drawings like this one to 3D printed prototypes to final production models. We can usually run start to finish products in about 4 months. We have some very cool development equipment and top rated engineers!

We are equipped with the newest 3D printers, Laser etching and cutting equipment, Mechanical CAD software and top rated design and development engineers. We build and test prototypes, including humidity, pressure and temperature testing in our environmental testing chamber. The president tests each product design to failure before manufacturing. Believe it or not, the sledge hammer test is often not the final test…